Friday Four

1. Weekend plans always make the work day go faster. We have a celebration planned tonight, are going to be beach bums tomorrow and I’m working KidLaunch on Sunday morning. I’m most excited about being a beach bum. Hopefully the lake isn’t too stinky! 

2. I got an email this morning that my Quilt Kit from Quilts for Kids has shipped. This organization provides quilts for children in the hospital. I requested a quilt kit. I am probably way to excited about this. 

Visit their website for more information:

3. These have rocked my world. S’mores Krispy Treats. Yum. I will not tell you how many I eat cause well, I’d like to maintain some dignity.Image

4. While getting a big kid job can be a shock because of the lack of time off (aka summer), I love my vacation days. I’m so excited that I have a few coming up so that I can make long weekends. Even though I have nothing planned, those can be the best days. 


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