“School Spirits”

So my school was on TV last night. Not winning any awards or recognition for something academic or athletic related… but for its ghosts. Now, anyone that goes or went there knows there are ghost stories abounding on the campus. The Blue Lady, Mozart, Keene Hall 16th Floor, Sullivan, Burnam basement, etc. So I’m not really sure why ghosts had to be invented. 

Recap: The premise of the show is that they follow a students’ story. In this case, some girl named Becca. Becca moves in her freshman year and starts seeing ghosts everywhere. She gets scared. Her roommate sees ghosts and moves out. A girl named Stephanie from her classes believes in ghosts. She goes to her, Stephanie tells her to move. She magically can only move in with Stephanie. Stephanie gets pushed down the stairs by a mean ghost. Becca’s mom gets pushed by the same mean ghost. Some bloody ghost keeps following her and her friend Nick. The ghost says “Someone has been murdered.” The girls (Becca and Stephanie) walk back to campus through the woods and the ghost appears making them turn around. They see some guy chasing them and make it back to their dorm before he can hurt them. Stephanie and Becca become best friends.

So here’s my (not so) extensive list of everything wrong with this show: 

  • The “ghosts” mentioned on the show don’t exist on campus. They’re made up. 
  • They didn’t film on EKU’s campus, therefore it was all wrong.
  • There are no woods by campus.
  • There was no murder “by campus” in Spring 2011. 
  • There was also not a problem of a man stalking girls in Spring 2011. We had a flasher instead. Maybe the girls were confused.

Now, I’m not saying this story isn’t real… but seeing my school through this show’s light was not flattering. 


Friday Four

1. I’ve started calendar journaling. I take 2-3 minutes and write down what I do every day.


2. Orientation this weekend. First day was a success.

3. I’m not killing my plants and they’re growing!! This is huge for me!


4. Project Runway started back last night. I would like all of Michael Kors clothes and Tim Gunn to live in my closet. Amazing!!!

Adair County Fair


When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. Therefore, to the demolition derby I went.


Friday Four

1. While I love checking out books from the library, nothing makes me sadder then when I recheck out a book I’ve already read because I can’t remember. I have a tendency to read so many books.

2. Today was a shopping day. I found a great haul of sweaters which I can’t wear for another 4 months… but that’s okay. They’ll be waiting!!

3. Starbucks Iced White Mocha (skim milk, no whip) add coconut. Day Maker, Life Changer.

4. Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt. Yum. 100 calories for a container.


Also, most of my posts are about food… so don’t read this blog hungry!

I wish it was Sunday… that’s my fun day.

Kiss: Having leftover vacation days at the end of the year so I can work four days a week (or less) for the last three weeks of June. Amazing!

Diss: 100+ degree heat. Can you say melting?! It was literally 100 degrees at 8 p.m. Also, I had a wedding and it is impossible to look presentable when your make up drips off your face and your dress sticks to the largest part(s) of your body. 

Kiss: Friendships that stand the test of time. The ones where you can be apart for a year or more but pick up exactly where you left off. I seriously forget how incredibly precious those friendships are.

Diss: Not detailing every (embarrassingly college) story I had. Reminiscing this weekend made me wish that I had kept detailed notes. Some of the stories are hysterical and I had totally forgotten them!

Kiss: I found this article: http://jonesdesigncompany.com/create/how-to-create-fake-calligraphy/

And it has changed / inspired my doodling life. 

Diss: It’s Monday and I did not sleep well. I predict an early night (after the Bachelorette of course!)