“School Spirits”

So my school was on TV last night. Not winning any awards or recognition for something academic or athletic related… but for its ghosts. Now, anyone that goes or went there knows there are ghost stories abounding on the campus. The Blue Lady, Mozart, Keene Hall 16th Floor, Sullivan, Burnam basement, etc. So I’m not really sure why ghosts had to be invented. 

Recap: The premise of the show is that they follow a students’ story. In this case, some girl named Becca. Becca moves in her freshman year and starts seeing ghosts everywhere. She gets scared. Her roommate sees ghosts and moves out. A girl named Stephanie from her classes believes in ghosts. She goes to her, Stephanie tells her to move. She magically can only move in with Stephanie. Stephanie gets pushed down the stairs by a mean ghost. Becca’s mom gets pushed by the same mean ghost. Some bloody ghost keeps following her and her friend Nick. The ghost says “Someone has been murdered.” The girls (Becca and Stephanie) walk back to campus through the woods and the ghost appears making them turn around. They see some guy chasing them and make it back to their dorm before he can hurt them. Stephanie and Becca become best friends.

So here’s my (not so) extensive list of everything wrong with this show: 

  • The “ghosts” mentioned on the show don’t exist on campus. They’re made up. 
  • They didn’t film on EKU’s campus, therefore it was all wrong.
  • There are no woods by campus.
  • There was no murder “by campus” in Spring 2011. 
  • There was also not a problem of a man stalking girls in Spring 2011. We had a flasher instead. Maybe the girls were confused.

Now, I’m not saying this story isn’t real… but seeing my school through this show’s light was not flattering. 


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